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March 27th27-3-2019

We had a hugely exciting day at Suubi SS today when a team from the National Examination Board came to do their inspection, as part of the accreditation process for our school to become a National Examination Centre. They toured the school, taking particular notice of the science room and the vocational training hall, where the students will actually be sitting their exams from. 

The inspectors were impressed with the facilities available in the new science room, where student will be able to do all their practical experiments from during exams.

The vocational training hall was measured and it was calculated that 60  students can fit in to the space, allowing for the required distance between desks, during the exams. 

The inspectors were very quickly able to see that everything on their checklist had been met and by the end of their visit Suubi Director, Ssemwogerere David, was thrilled to be told that we had been approved as a National Examination Centre.

We look forward to picking up the official papers on April 29th, which will ensure our 2019, and all future Senior 4 students, will be able to sit their 'O' level exams at Suubi Secondary School.

We also distributed the sports gear today; uniforms that had so generously been donated by Mathew Flinders College on the Sunshine Coast and football boots from Bennett's Intersport in Kyabram. Our enormous thanks goes to them both for supporting our sporting program at Suubi SS - The gear, that was considered out of date in Australia, will certainly put to great use at Suubi SS now.

The Suubi SS students were thrilled to receive the sporting gear and certainly look professional now. This will give them great confidence when they are representing the school in the future.

And while all this was happening in the village, Suubi SS students, Gertrude, Silvia and Abbey have busy working with the Smiling HeARTs students in town. The fabulous team of Aussie ladies are teaching lots of new sewing and craft skills to everyone in there. 

Our Suubi SS students were thrilled to be part of the sewing and craft classes being carried out by Lis, Karin, Adele and Karin at our Smiling HeARTs house in Masaka.

Sylvia, Gertrude and Abbey have been great ambassadors for Suubi SS and will return to school and share their new skills with other tailoring students.

Abbey soaked up everything that was being taught and made the most of the opportunity that had been presented to him.

Sylvia proudly showed off one of the art smocks that Lis and the team had taught them to make. 

Abbey showed off one of the microwave bags he made. Scrunchies, hair bands, and necklaces were also masters by everyone; all of the items made will be taken back to Australia to sell.

Once back at Suubi SS the students also used their new found skills to make laptop covers for all the machines now available in the school computer lab, many of which had been sourced by Karin from connections she has via teaching in Melbourne. 

The covers will definitely protect the new laptops but will certainly brighten up the computer lab at Suubi SS too!

So as you can see, great things have been happening all over the place here. Our huge thanks to EVERYONE that has helped make this all possible!


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