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With fundraising for the construction of the Suubi Secondary & Vocational College now in full swing, all of the items listed in this section of the HUG Shop are currently at the top of our needs. When you purchase one or more of the construction items below you will be helping to provide a secondary education facility that will positively impact on the lives of children in and around Lubanda Village for years to come.

Please note: All amounts listed on items are simply a suggestion. You can choose to contribute more or less towards anything you select. Every donation will be gratefully excepted.

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0.05c each

In excess of 100,000 bricks will be needed to complete the first stage of the buildings for Suubi College. This stage includes four classrooms, offices for administration a pit latrine block and water tank.


Bags of Cement

$15 each

Close to 1500 bags of cement will needed for the constructions of the first block of classrooms, offices and the pit latrine block at the new Suubi College.



$3 per kg

A variety of nail types will be required for the building and roofing of Suubi Secondary Collage. 


Iron Sheets

$15 per sheet

300 sheets of iron are required to roof the first structures that we are aiming to build at Suubi College. 



$3 each length

A variety of timber types are required for the building of different structures at Suubi College in Lubanda Village.



$60 each

With the new Suubi College being our largest construction to date, we will require additional wheel barrows when construction begins.


Loads of Sand

$25 per load

Loads of sand are required for construction of buildings and landscaping at Suubi College in Lubanda village. 


Loads of Stones

$3 each

Loads of stones are required for construction of buildings and landscaping at Suubi College in Lubanda village.


Metal Doors

$85 each

Metal doors are required on a number of buildings at Suubi College. These make the building and therefore their valuable contents far more secure.


$25 per jerrican

Paint can make oh so much difference to the feeling in a room. All buildings at the Suubi College will be painted to provide a welcoming atmosphere when people enter.


Glass for Windows

$10 each

Although many schools in Uganda do not have windows with glass fitted in them, our aim is to provide a learning environment that is most conducive to learning. The glass will help to make classrooms completely weather proof from the wind and rain.


To make payment please electronically transfer total payment of items selected into the HUG bank account, or you may wish to use the quick, easy option of Paypal. Simply click on the donate button below.
(Please note: Paypal charges us 2.4% + 30c per transaction)

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