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Please note: All amounts listed on items are simply a suggestion. You can choose to contribute more or less towards anything you select. Every donation will be gratefully excepted.

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Books For Suubi Library

$10 each

All books purchased will be placed into the Suubi Community Library which can be accessed by anyone in the surrounding community. Many people in Uganda have little or no access to reading material. Your gift will enable both adults and children to learn from and feel the joy of reading from a book.


Sports Balls

$25 each

Schools in Uganda often have only one netball or soccer ball that is shared between hundreds of students. This is because they are an extremely expensive item by Ugandan standards which makes them an unaffordable luxury when so much else is required.
The Ugandan kids love them - So if you want to put smiles on thousands of school kids faces, buy a ball or two!



$150 each

Bicycles will be used by both Ugandan and overseas volunteers to move between projects surrounding Suubi.

In addition they will be hired out to overseas volunteers should they wish to use them to travel around the villages. The funds raised from this will be directed straight back into programs running at Suubi therefore making the whole project self sustainable.

Energy Efficient Stoves For Homes.
$30 each

Building energy efficient stoves in homes is a very cheap way to quickly improve on people lives in Uganda. Traditional cooking fires produce lots of smoke that causes lung and eye problems. But with a bit of mud and a little know how, people can build fuel saving stoves in their homes, which smoke far less. And because the stove also consumes far less wood, they help to prevent deforestation, which is far better for the environment.

Flip Chart Stand

$80 each

Flip chart stands enable information being taught to be displayed at a level where all participants in a training session can see things clearly.They are also easily moved from one location to another allowing for more flexible training environments.

Flip Charts

$12 each

Flip charts are regularly used at training days held at Suubi Education and Community Centre. Information being taught can be kept and displayed around the centre rather than wiping it from a blackboard. Currently pages are being stuck on the walls as we do not have enough flip chart stands.

Traditional Instruments

$35 each

Music, dance and drama is a huge part of the Ugandan way of life. Having instruments, such as drums, at Suubi Centre will enable us to promote and retain important traditional skills. 

Modern Instruments

$250 each

Modern instruments such as electronic keyboards will be used by the Suubi music, dance and drama group. Although many people are skilled in the use of traditional instruments such as drums, we are also keen the encourage the youth in the area to follow their passion for hip hop and modern music.

Brick and Tile Making Training 

$300 each

After purchasing both brick and tile making machines for Suubi Centre we are keen to have the youth from the surrounding area trained in these skills. This training will be carried out over a month long period by a skilled tradesman in this field.  

Organic Garden Training With 6 Uni Students 

$300 each

Training in the development of organic school gardens is enhanced when university students can spend a good length of time with students.Funding this training will allow six university students to spend a week within a school community. This in fact will benefit both the school students and the university students. The school students learn not only agricultural skills but are inspired while interacting with the uni students. And the uni students get hands on practice in the agricultural skills they have learnt in classrooms. A win win for everyone!

Energy Efficient Stove Training with 6 uni Students

$300 each

Training in construction of energy efficient stoves has been carried out at Suubi Education and Community Centre.
After the huge success and interest shown at Suubi by the broader community we are now keen to have a group of uni students move into other villages to pass on these skills.Funding this training will allow six university students to spend a week with members of an entire community.

Laptop Computers

$595 each

People who had never laid eyes on a computer before are now being taught basic IT skills on laptops at the Suubi Education and Community Centre. It is hoped that in the future they will also give Ugandans access to the outside world via the internet. Additional laptops are now required so we can expand the number of participants in computer classes.

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