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Please note: We have changed the format of the HUG shop by removing the shopping cart. This has been done to reduce the cost of web hosting and ensure we keep administration costs to an absolute minimum. We are very proud of the fact that currently the 2.2% administration costs we incur are covered by specific donors who choose to support us in this way. This mean 100% of your donation/gift will go directly to the project or item you chose.

How often have you thought to yourself, "I don't know what to give ....?.... for a present; they have everything!"
Now we have the answer for you. It's as easy as 1.2.3

1. Choose your favourite gift from one the categories below. 
Which ever gift you select, you can be sure it will be helping to make a REAL difference. 

2. Make your payment.
See all the details of how to do this in the payment section below.

3. Place your order and print out your gift certificate and HUG voucher.
To place your order, simply email us details of the item/items you have selected to support and we will email you back a full sized HUG certificate that tells your loved one what has been purchased on their behalf. In addition to this you will be able to present them with a voucher that entitles them to 12months of free HUGs from you! 

So go on, choose a gift from below:



Suubi Programs

 Suubi Health Clinic



and give your loved one something that EVERYONE loves - A HUG!

HUG Certificate

HUG Voucher

Here's How It Works.

As you've probably already guessed, we don't mail pigs to Uganda! But all the gifts in each category are items we regularly provide, as part of the incentive based programs at Suubi Centre in Uganda. This enables us to have an ongoing positive impact on peoples lives. As you would expect, we work hand in hand with the Ugandans to make sure that gifts purchased are in line with their changing needs.

In some cases, this means that it would not be appropriate to provide the exact gift chosen. Put simply: if all our supporters have chosen to buy chickens, but the community really needs pigs then we will provide pigs for that community. 

So from each of the categories your purchase will fund items that your gift represents. For example, pigs, goats and chickens will purchase some type of livestock while bricks, iron sheets and cement will go towards some type of construction.

This common sense approach makes sure that your donation is used in the most effective way possible and goes toward what is really need on the ground in Uganda at any given time.


If you have a preference of which items or projects you would like your donation to go towards, please ensure you provide full details by emailing us. Then simply choose your payment method.

For 100% of your donation to reach us please either:

Electronically Transfer funds:
Transfer funds directly to our HUG bank account, giving your name as a reference. Account details are:
Account Name: HUG Charity Foundation Inc
Account Number: 82-552-2591
BSB Number: 083-894


Send a cheque
Made payable to:
HUG - Help Us Grow
1 Maple Crt
Kyabram,Vic, 3620

or to make a quick easy payment you may wish to use:

Simply click the Paypal donate button below or at the bottom of each category page.
(Please Note: Paypal charges us 2.4% + 30c for each transaction made.)

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