Volunteer Trips

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Ian vanishes the exterior poles of the 3rd banda.Laurence, Yuri and Liz hold business planning workshops for those interested in the village.Kathryn runs nutrition sessions for the wider community.The Suubi community warmly welcomes 19 Aussie volunteers to the centre.
Ian helps to erect Suubi Centre signs.Rachel and Hannah hard at work in the Suubi demonstration garden.Loretta and Sally conducted career guidance sessions for local students.Mark passed on skills in film making and editing.
Rachel developed a composting area in the Suubi demonstration garden.Hannah learned how to beat the bean plants to dislodge the beans.Hannah put her medical training to good use before the Suubi clinic had opened.American university students, Carla, Paul and Sam joined Aussies Hannah (L) and Chantelle (R) at Suubi to learn from the demonstration garden.
Chantelle visited with Jane who had been chosen to receive chickens bought by her students from St Augustines in Australia.Chantelle and Hannah help out to prepare for making walij, a drink made from bananas.Chantelle, Helen and Hannah dress traditionally in gomezes for finals of the sporting tournament.Hannah helps out with tie dying classes for the Suubi ladies.
Hannah took to making mud bricks like an expert.Helen is assisted by Hannah to install signs in the new Suubi Health Clinic.Chantelle and Hannah were please to be able to provide a bike for Sharon Primary School whose students travel 12 kms to Suubi Centre to attend computer classes.Chantelle takes a class at one of the few secondary schools in the area.
Chantelle and Hannah learn the skills of making chapatis, a local snack.Chantelle and Helen help out with stomping the bananas to make walij.Jenny bought her extended family to visit Suubi.Chantelle and Hannah enjoyed their visit to Sharon Primary School.
Hannah turned her hand to painting.Hannah and Chantelle unpack furniture and equipment for the newly completed Suubi Health Clinic.Chantelle passed on her drawing skills to the Suubi ladies.Chantelle helped one of the Suubi ladies to harvest her coffee beans.
Chantelle and Helen joined the ladies to peel matooke for a celebration dinnerJacquie, Browny, Helen and Naomi  join the Suubi Music, Dance and Drama group for practice.Jan cuddles up with some of the village kids.Nakatongole Betty and Nakafeero Sarah appreciated their sewing classes with Jan.
The Brown Family enjoys time at Jja Jja's house with their Ugandan family.Aussie teachers, Naomi and Jacquie visit Lubanda Primary School.Chad helps out Ishmael and Joseph with some excel lessons.Nevine (centre) is helped by her children, Lucynda and Christian to categorise books for the Suubi library.

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